How to install kodi v 16.1

Here is how to install Kodi on your Android Tv box from scratch.

If you have an old version of kodi The first thing you need to do is uninstall it  .

Here is the steps how to uninstall Kodi

  • Go to Settings
  • Then go to Others


  • Click on More Settings


  • Go to Apps

mx android box

  • search for kodi app and press okay


  • Click on clear data after its done
  • Click on Uninstall


After That we are going to install the latest version of Kodi 

  • Go to my apps

Kodi ,

  • Click on Browser

Kodi ,

  • Type then press okay > Downloand it 
  • Wait for Download Complete

  • Go to my apps

Kodi ,

  • Go to App Installer


  • Select Local Disk

  • Find Kodi app and press okay to install

how to install kodi 11

  • After the installation done click on open

how to install kodi 12

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45 thoughts on “How to install kodi v 16.1

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    • iTcHy says:

      Indeed. I accidentally uninstalled my Kodi and was left with vanilla Jarvis 16.0
      After hours of looking, this is the site where I got the info on how to upgrade again to 16.1 .
      Many thanks!

  2. Al says:

    Thank you so much, now i have Kodi v16, before I couldn’t go beyond v14.
    However, I couldn’t able to add on video files like Phenix, Exudos or steam hub, I would really appreciated if you can instruct me on how to download them, thanks

  3. Fay says:

    I have a brand new xbmc box I can rarely watch anything. It always says unavailable. Bought a kodi book for morons but it isn’t the same as stuff
    on my screen

  4. ger says:

    hi , my box has a kodi emblem, tried uninstalling & re installing kodi 17 but it won’t do so. on the file browser thr updated file shows but when I click on it it says “there was a problem parsing the package”

    • iTcHy says:

      Your box may only be compatible with Jarvis 16.0/16.1 .
      I made the same mistake. Your Android hardware settings will probably tell you your hardware is version 4.(something).
      Android hardware needs to be version 5 and above to be compatible with Jarvis 17, I *think*.

  5. Jai says:

    I followed everything you said in here, except after install it says ” X app not installed” don’t know what more to do

  6. dorothy says:

    I’ve tried to put on kodi on my boy but just can’t for it followed the instruction still can’t it on my box please I need a guide how to do it step by step if you could please

  7. Joseph west says:

    I have been trying to do this for almost a week. Everything I tried was either incomplete or I failed to understand it properly. No problems with this one. Where have you been all my modo life!!!!:-

  8. Kay~Den says:

    I have a MediaBox M8 and I had (and still have) Kodi 16.1 on it, however, today the screen went all weird and I unplugged it and when I plugged it back in everything worked fine except Kodi.

    When I go to click on the app, it’ll go to start up but then fail and when I go check under “apps” in settings it shows that’s it’s still there. I went to see if there was an update for it in Google Play store but Kodi was nowhere to be found! And when I searched for it, it said it wasn’t compatible with my device (it’s 4.4.2)

    I would love to update it, but in your method you say to delete data and I’m scared that I’m going to lose everything I worked over a year to get (all the shows and movies in two profiles, as well as settings). However, if that is all lost anyway, then I will update it, but if there is a fix or a way to keep my data and update that would much appreciated.

    I also tried clearing the cached data in both Google Play store and Google Play services and uninstalling the updates for both (I found an article online from Google itself which have those directions) and neither worked.

    Would you know why everything started up fine except Kodi? And is there a fix or a way for me to update as well as keep my data?

    Thanks for your help!

  9. Annetheresa says:

    Hi, I have updated my box, but Kodi will not. I click on it it starts up and then the screen goes blank. I have turned off and on but still nothing. Please help.

  10. Eddie O says:

    I have the MXQ 4.4.2 and Kodi took a crappy on me. Tried everything in my power to get it up again and had no luck. Follow the directions and type in the media fire and plug in fusion and your good to go. Trust me, I spent days. Found this link and couldn’t be happier. Thanks

  11. Rash says:

    I have 16.1 kodi in my mxq box, but none of the video add ons seem to be workings, I have tried genesis, and 1chanel tried to download exodus but no joy. Can you please help?

  12. JASON says:

    Hi, my m8s box not sending signal to tv. When switch on , the blue light is on but no image on tv. Already check cable all is good. Please Help.

    • James says:

      Android TV box on my main screen with a plus sign is I have no apps down there how do I replace them with Cody more browser Showbox nothing is there

  13. Doug says:

    Thanks for a link to kodi 16 that works… all other links that I found redirected to kodi 17 and that what very frustrating to say the least…
    I went to my BOX SETTINGS – APPS and removed/uninstalled all KODI apps, then
    used your page to successfully install kodi 16… THANK YOU!!!

    • Skeeter says:

      I have a kvissonbox I can’t get into the system to go to settings it says waiting for sideloed when I try to reboot it

  14. Sandra says:

    I dont normally ever comment but you my friend, have just saved me from throwing my MXQ away! No other links were helping me. Thank you so much!!

  15. Doubsie says:

    How long does it take to install Kodi? It says download started and its been going about twenty minutes with nosign of what progress is being made!

  16. John says:

    A got a message saying Parse error – “There was a problem parsing the package”. Any advice would be appreciated please? Thankyou

  17. a.t.m.faiz says:

    I have bought x96 but my remote is not responding to the box. kodi starts normally but I cant go further since remote not responding. is there any special way to pair the remote?

  18. Orla says:

    Hey all, am total at a lose… so downloaded kodi 16.1, no problem there. I’m trying to get exodus addon and so have put the add in source dtls and when I go to get it from the zip file there’s nothing there! Could do with some help on this. Looking for any movie addons really not just exodus.
    Thanks Orla

  19. Michelle says:

    I have just followed the above steps and I have absolutely no data/ icons in the main menu
    (pictures, videos, music etc) is there more steps and if so where do I find them?

  20. Angry says:

    Ya know what I fucking hate u people as soon as their’s a new version u fucking dash the old aside now I am looking for the old kodi jarvis16.1 an I can’t find it the new version is not compatible with my tablet so what the fuck other people like will do

  21. Zaza says: just new user..i had reset my kodi and uninstall kodi. what should i do.? i did install back the kodi ver16.1 but then it pop out error cannot be dowload.

  22. Wayne says:

    Hi I followed the above advise on how to install kodi it says downloaded I have gone to my app installer and kodi isn’t there help please

  23. Beatrice says:

    My Android box reset itself and I’m left with a blanket slate, tried to install this Kodi but at the end it say Kodi couldn’t be installed. Free up some space and try again. I have zero apps downloaded and 16gb sd card. Pls help!

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